Monday, January 08, 2007

What's the point of aiming if you never shoot?

I still spend more time thinking about writing than I ever do writing. That's a major issue and if I ever want to be successful, I suppose it must be addressed.

Christmas always brings a heavy workload and the new year means more work pressure until about April. If I had a career, rather than a job, I'd not mind so much. As it is I spend many of my off-hours preparing and planning for work related things that don't much matter.

I've applied around for better paying work, but so far, no luck. I'm going to try my hand at freelancing and now all I have to do is write something. Ha ha.

A few hundred dollars a month through writing would make all the difference to my finances and then I wouldn't have to be looking for more time-consuming and less fulfilling work.

Ah, the joys of under qualification.

I've just got to stop thinking and get on with it.


Gabrielle said...

You and me both! Stop thinking and start writing. Good luck on getting started.

Jeannie Morleith said...

Thanks. I don't know what hamstrings me so much.

It was really nice to see a comment here. Sometimes it just feels like a blog shouting out in the wilderness.

Gabrielle said...

I hear you, Jeannie :-) Have you tried doing some online writing courses, or some for unleashing your creativity? There are some really good resources out there to help you believe that you CAN do this. I've found goal setting to be really, really good as well. Small goals. It's amazing what you can do when things don't look so terrifying. Also, getting rid of anything in your life that doesn't bring you joy. Hard--and sometimes not always possible--but worth looking at.

Jeannie Morleith said...

I've never taken courses online, but I've been in various writing groups and they've been helpful.
You're right, things do look terrifying. Especially those blank pages.
Thanks for your encouragement.

Candida said...

You write very well.