Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Nano Nano

It comes as no surprize that I'm not working as fast as I'd like. Other things, kids, work, life -- all seem to get in the way of my good intentions. Sometimes I think I should just duct tape myself to the chair and force myself to write.

All these good ideas start flowing when I'm away from the computer and when no pen or paper is handy. I force myself to remember and work out plot points and dialogue, but somehow when the instruments of my task are placed in front of me, still I draw a blank.

Someone told me that I'm not afraid of failure, I'm afraid of success. I rather think it's far less complicated. Writing is work and for me it isn't paying work. I feel guilty about taking the time to write and to get it right. Posting on a blog isn't the same. No need for complete concentration with no distractions.

Plus, I think I am afraid of failure. Revealing the inner workings of your mind isn't easy and I wonder that so many people are so comfortable doing it. In the back of my mind I'm always thinking that no one will be interested in what I have to say and that there will always be people ready and willing to pick it apart. When you write, it is part of you and you want people to like it (or at least not ridicule).

I've reorganized the story and am progressing. It's hard to commit to finishing this, but I'm trying. Over at Nano, thousands of people are doing just that -- committing and finishing. It seems so simple when you think of it. Beginning , middle, end.

Argh! If only. Who was it who said: "I hate writing, but I love having written." I can hardly wait to feel that way.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

About face

It's day four of Nanowrimo and my writing has been spare.

I had several ideas in my weary brain, all battling for supremacy and one of the ones I'd set aside and not thought about in ages pushed its way to the top.

There are four stories where I have characters and enough information to at least begin. One of those is a historical/fantasy romance halfway to completion, but needs major reworking. A second is contemporary romance nearly a third of the way done. It needs tweaking and some more development. A third is also contemporary romance but in the early development stage - I have scenes and situations, but little structure. The last is historical romance with only one scene written, but this one I've plotted to some degree --- this is the one that surfaced around the time that nano started, so this is the one I've chosen to work on.

My nano profile has the working title for my historical fantasy - 'No Man's Land', but this one, the one I've decided to work on, really doesn't have a title.

It takes place shortly after WWI and covers several years, ending part way through WWII. I was reading some of the guidelines at eharlequin, and there's a new line that would suit it well should I ever manage to go beyond thinking about writing.

This has been a noisy chaotic day, but oddly enough I've managed some time on the computer without the kids begging me 0ff. I should use the time to work, rather than to blither in the blog, but I thought writing -- writing at all might just get me motivated.

I am excited. Nano is more than I expected. There are forums where people vent etc. and there are author profiles that allow you to see who people are, what they're writing and their progress -- and filling in your own progress is somewhat of a motivator itself.

Though I doubt I'll make the 50,000 words -- I know that I have done a bit and I have no doubt that I will do more --- the surprize is the story I've chosen to write. I mean, I always meant to write it, but not now. But suddenly it's coming alive in my head and I'm acting out bits and pieces of dialogue as I drive or while working.

Back to work.