Friday, September 29, 2006

Making plans . . . it's a start

For the first time in a few weeks, I've actually felt motivated to write. Of course, feeling motivated, and succumbing to the impulse are very different things. As usual, I have been able to thwart my naissant urges.

Why do I fight writing? It's as though I'm fighting against success as much as failure.

Well, at least I've tentatively decided which story I want to write. Sort of -- maybe. It may end up that I merge two stories which will help to create layers and subplots. I don't think I'm ready for multiple perspectives and storylines, but I think I can manage concurrent converging events that will centre around two lead characters.

There will be more time for writing over the next few weeks. I thought of doing my plotting etc. during October, and then maybe doing the NaNoWrMo in November. I had planned to do it last year, but I didn't write a word. I set up for it and then just didn't start.

It's been like that for years -- putting off and putting off.
Then, I read books that are bland and boring, or innane and childish and I wonder how these people can be published writers. I used to stand in judgement of their writing skills, but now I realize that when I don't finish anything -- I can't even compare myself to them. They have dared to dream, and to complete what they started.

The best laid plans will stay blueprints without action. I know that, and yet I blog instead of writing. Sigh . . . .


Gabrielle said...

Have you thought about trying Nanowrimo this year? Maybe that will give you the boost you need to finish? I'm going to do it--though my freezer is too tiny to stock prepared meals, so I guess it's baked beans for me for a month ;-)

Thanks for linking to my site!

Jeannie Morleith said...

I think I'm going to try it. Last year I planned to, but I'm better at planning than doing. I plot really well.
No problem. I've followed your success and your site is full of excellent links etc.